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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lots of bugs

June in Canada is when all the bugs come out. There's flies that come in through open windows, mosquitoes on the porch, may flies that get stuck in noses, and apparently moths that try to kill people as well.

I convinced my boyfriend to go for a relaxed bike ride with me along the riverside last night. I thought we'd be out about a half-hour, but we ran into friends and enjoyed some time catching up. We all decided to head home once everyone had had enough of the mosquitoes (special note: I usually have no problem with them - my blood must be special - and I was NOT bitten last night :) ).

Biking along in the right direction to my house, I suddenly hear Calvin stop talking to me and start coughing. He swerves his bike (we were going side-by-side) and I turn to see if he's okay. But he smashed right into my bike and we both fall over. There were a couple guys behind us (walking) that must have started laughing were worried about us and gave us a hand straightening ourselves up. What had happened was that a moth had flown into Calvin's mouth. He felt it crawl around right before his gag reflex made him swallow it. And while he was being freaked out because this was going on, he forgot to keep steering his bike and he crashed into me.

While the scraped knee I am now a proud owner of is not life-threatening, it was annoying to keep turning in my sleep and touching the sheets - it stung!

It may be a while before Calvin comes with me again, as he is traumatized from being attacked my nature.

In other news, I have a degree! And my mum is visiting me in Canada so I have to show her around and let her clean all my dishes and make all my food. I'm kidding, but it's been great having her here! I'll leave you to a picture before I head off to make more plans for the day.

Have a great Sunday! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sore Throat

... it always happens at the best of times, eh? Once the weather gets nicer, you get sick. When exams start adding pressure and stress to your life, your body gives in and allows a sore throat to take over. I've been known to get stuck in bed with a fever on holiday.

And now my mum's visiting (for my approaching graduation) and I'm feeling a sore throat starting. Actually, it's already started and been there for a couple of days. I'm going to add garlic to everything I eat tomorrow (garlic cereal, anyone?!) and hope for the best. Perhaps I'll squeeze in a nap if my mum's jet-lagged and drink tea after tea.

Maybe the excitement of my mum being here did it. Or the fact that I didn't sleep for a whole two days. Or that I was trapped in a bus/airport with loads of other people and germs. Anyway, time to deal with it.

But we walked in the rain today, saw a rainbow, and made plans to see friends in a couple weeks. Good times ahead!