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Monday, November 15, 2010

Naps and running!

Hello everyone!
Today was a pretty poorly planned day (it seems that most days lately are).

I woke up at 4 this morning to take my sister to the airport. :(
I had field placement from 8-4, because I'm a social work student. 
I came home, watched a few TV shows, lied down to read my textbook and BAM, the next thing I know it's dark outside and it's 10pm.
WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! And why didn't I realise I was THAT tired?

Needless to say, I haven't managed to read my textbook or go to the gym as planned :(

A few days ago, I got a GU package in the mail with a bunch of little samples. YAY!!! [They're very, very nice, so shoot them an email :)]
I am so so excited to try them, as I have zero experience with energy gels and am so curious to see if they'll help me on longer runs.

I also received a very, very awesome present yesterday - a Timex Ironman watch! It's perfect and seriously appropriate because I usually time my runs on my Ipod - I listen to 10-20 songs during a run, and then add up the song durations! Haha, this always means I can't skip any songs, and that I can't really calculate total or only-running time. It used to be a huge headache.
BUT NOW, I can go for a run, bike or swim (up to 100 hours!) and lap-time my splits! I am so very excited to take my new watch out to the gym (which should have happened today) and take my GU for a run outside.

Hopefully my next few days will be less tired, less wasted and more exercise-filled!!

And congrats to all of those that had races this weekend, I'm so excited to read race reports! :)

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