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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Oh well, this past week has seen everything in terms of weather: a few days ago it was warm and awesome, two days ago it was really, really cold, and today is rainy, but mild.

I did manage a couple of runs so far this week - a little ten minute one on Monday (in between studying) and a longer, 20 minute one yesterday.
I was thinking it would be a daily streak, as I had plans on running tonight after class, but I really don't want to be tired, cold and stressed, so it's postponed until tomorrow. We are supposed to get flurries tomorrow, so I may be able to say I ran in snow for the first time this year! (Er - since the beginning of the year....)

My goals at this point are simple - run consistently through the winter.
I'm accomplishing that by:
1) Having bought winter tights! I dished out $100 and went for the most awesome, most comfortable, cheaper option (out of two) at the London Running Room, and now feel super-high-tech (along with my Timex watch!!). I now have few excuses to use to stay home and lazy.
2) Toughing it out and getting my lungs used to the cold. After my run last night, my throat really hurts today. 3 cups of hot tea so far have done little to help. I have used some vapo-rub, which just made me smell weird. I'm at a loss! Hopefully, my lungs + throat will adjust SOON, and this will no longer be an issue...
3) Reading awesome blogs, keeping active on Daily Mile, and thinking about running TWO half marathons next year. STAYING motivated is a huge issue for me, especially in the winter! I want to remember my reasons for running, and that usually helps me get out there. Because once I'm out, I always feel better. :) [health, walking taller, being proud of myself, a sense of huge accomplishment, and bragging rights!]

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