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Saturday, December 18, 2010


I'm just going to do a small post today; I flew half-way across Canada to spend time with my sister (and then she took us to the library to bury her nose in a textbook!) Haha, jk, I am parked not too far away from her in the library downloading Smallville and just soaking up the unlimited internet (her room has a 5GB/week limit). I have also been instructed to watch Dexter.....

I went running yesterday, in -12C degree weather! It sure felt colder, and it's been snowing non-stop since I got here. I bundled up for my run:
running tights
awesome warm socks
thermal race hat :)
gloves (should have doubled)
waterproof & "snowproof" Adidas shoes (they have crazy grip)

Lacing up, I realized I have A LOT of running gear - from the hat, to the shoes to the running tights. So much for just needing a pair of shoes for the sport....

Well my run was pretty great. My hands felt cold, and I coughed a bit the rest of the day. I managed 26 minutes in the snow before I decided to go and warm up in the dentistry building.... Yes, I got lost on campus and the stupid maps don't help since the place is huge!!

We had some dinner, went swimming (in a full size pool with different swim speed lanes!!!) and then went to the High Street... where we got cupcakes!
I got the minty-chocolate one:

My sister got a chocolate one:
 and the two people (insta-friends: people who are friends with your sister but must be nice to you when you visit) with us had the Scarlett O'hara (red velvet :))
Pictures are from the Fuss Cupakes website

They were amazing, to say the least :)
I am super lucky because my sister has too much money on her meal plan, so she encourages me to eat/get whatever I want :)
We are sitting in the library with Starbucks.. and not feeling bad, because if she doesn't finish the plan money, she'll lose it :)

So much for my small post... but it's been a great couple of days here already :)
We're going to the fancy West Ed Mall (it has a roller-coaster inside!) tomorrow and hopefully I'll get to sneak into their massive gym & pool again in the next week.

My feet hurt from running on the snow - it's almost like sand - crazy!

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  1. Thank-you so much for stopping by my blog! :) Hopefully you'll come back time and time again!!!

    Hope you enjoy your time in Edmonton!

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Toronto Girl West