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Monday, February 28, 2011


Today started quite warm - with rain and a snowstorm. There was thunder and lightening and I barely slept at all. After about 3 hours sleep, I shut off my alarm and got ready for the day.

Luckily I remembered everything for work, and even caught the bus!

Work work work......... I was going to bike home from work, but my coworker was nice enough to stuff my bike in the trunk and drop me off :)
I stopped by the post-office to mail my sister her super secret birthday present (I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!) and Julia messaged me to go to the gym. I was just about to text her back asking to go swimming, but I changed my mind. It was quite nice outside - why not run by the river?!

It sounded like a great idea and she agreed! However, I took too long at the post office, so she decided to go without me. Turned out great, since I doubt my run would have been as great if I had someone to pace with. It just works better when I find my own rhythm :)

1 mile walk to the river. Since my muscles are hurting from a work-out two days ago, I knew this would be important so I took it slow.
The sunset was gorgeous by the river, and the water was half ice and everything was quiet. There were a few people walking their dogs and a couple of runners, but noone else apart from that.
I ran until the trail was closed, which is around the Casino (they are doing construction).
I missed a km marker because it wasn't lit up, so my spltis may be weird. But check them out - I did a negative kinda thing!

12.47 [missed marker]
4.38 [only half a km??]

I would have run the last km faster but there was a bunch of huge ice-puddles and I walked over them for safety. I am super proud of this run, as my breathing was perfect the entire way and I paced well enough that I didn't need to stop :)

I also would have done this loop twice if
a) it was warmer
b) my knee didn't hurt.

The knee wasn't screaming, so I ignored it. But it does feel swollen and hurts a bit, so I will take it easy for the next few days. The Spring Thaw 5k is this weekend, and I'll wait to see if I want to sign up or not. I really, really want to do it, since it would be the third time I run it :)

Anyway. I walked a mile to get back home, 17mins. I am glad to be indoors, drinking a mug of hot soy milk :)

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  1. You are crazy! It's hard for me to imagine running since I'm 37 weeks pregnant! haha!

    But I could totally go for a warm cup of soy milk. = )