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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Sitting here, I caught myself munching on chocolate chips while watching TV before I head off to my night volunteer shift.
Chocolate chips!!!
And I remember eating a giant cookie just a few nights ago... my nutrition hasn't been the best lately, and I blame it on stress & exams.
But if I put the blame on those, then why am I still eat crap - my exams are over!

So I'm going to
  • stop snacking
  • drink more water
  • eat balanced meals
... just as soon as I finish the packet of chocolate chips :)

I'm going to my first ever social run tomorrow, and I'm excited! I've been intimidated by the thought of running with other faster, more experienced runners.
I've read others being comforted through comments on the event page - there's a variety of runners and everyone is welcome - and I keep reminding myself that I loved running with Dora in Hungary.
So I'm giving it a try and hoping for the best! It doesn't hurt that the timing is perfect, and they're finally meeting up on my side of the town! :)

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