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Friday, December 30, 2011


It's been a great holiday so far:
  • I went to placement for a few extra days to make up the hours I will lose in January because I'm going back late.
  • I covered a few extra volunteer shifts because I had some free time.
  • I was able to go to Calvin's house for dinner, and I ate a whole lot of chocolate :)
  • We tried to take advantage of some of the after-Christmas sales, and we got a movie called Baraka. Ha, I didn't actually know it was so old!
  • We went rock climbing, which was an awesome time! I've never been before, and I know I'll do it again :)
  • We left to the airport at quarter to five, expecting slippery roads and a late arrival at the airport (we wanted to be there at 6.) But the roads were clear, there was no traffic, and we found the right exit easily, so we were there at 5! We went for a Macdonald's breakfast and chatted for an hour before I checked in. At the desk, the lady was very, very excited to change my seat, even though I had changed it online, because I was sat next to an infant. I don't really mind where I sit... but it was funny at the time :D
  • I arrived at Edmonton after some interesting conversations on the planes.
  • Edmonton has been good so far
    • had some chocolate-bread-cake that my sister made.
    • I sent out a message on couchsurfing to meet some new people, and a couple replied already
    • We went to the mall to find my sister a skirt and we succeeded :)
    • We watched some TV and went to bed early
    • Today was spent having a lovely breakfast, spending a few hours in Value Village (purchasing 5 awesome new books for $20) and then we spent some more time reading in Chapters, and buying another 2 books as presents. 
    • I also bought a map, and I hope to highlight where I've been. I plan to go on many walks when my sister's busy, and go running if it a) gets warmer so the ice melts or b) snows and covers the ice!
    • I brought one of my lenses for my sister's camera, so I expect I'll post a few pictures soon.
Have a lovely New Year's Eve, and an excellent ringing-in of the shiny, new year :)


  1. Wow! I can finally post on your blog from work. It's a 2012 miracle and coming from another blog I read (, Up is my word for the year.
    Anyhoo! Love this post. I love it when things just work out.
    I used to have this world map on my wall from like 9 years old until I moved out for university at 18. I put a red pin on the places that I had been. I wish I still had that map. Well, it reminded me of one of your bullets.

    Also, lookout for a new blog from me.