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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I've been eating a lot of asparagus

I've turned 22 since the last time I posted. I'm in London this week because it's Calvin's birthday on Friday!
Of course, I've been conducting myself as a proper adult should:

Seatbelts, always
We've been having campfires - burning marshmallows, melting chocolate and singing crackers to make s'mores. I had an awesome dinner of grilled asparagus, onions, peppers and broccoli last night. My pee smells funny now.

We haven't wasted the sunshine - I spent yesterday's afternoon at the beach in Port Stanley and got a dollar pressed to remember it. I learned that sunblock is actually very effective and if you don't spread it properly you may end the day finding weird sun-burn patterns on your back. (Haha, sorry no pictures!)

We've also been spending time outdoors between all the TV I watch. We went geocaching a few days ago. We didn't find the two we went after... we were using the free app and it wasn't 100% accurate, and I think the ones we picked were quite old and someone might have removed them.

We really just posed as the rest of our group searched.
We did find a volleyball net in the field - it's a bit off to the right of the picture if I remember well. The future includes a trip to the store to buy a ball and a trip to that net to play a wicked game with friends.

Anyone know why asparagus makes your pee smell? I'll look it up eventually....


  1. Happy Birthday, Suza!! Love your beautiful photos!

  2. Happy Birthday Gemini friend. I love asparagus!

    I literally finished Hunger Games a week before I saw the movie and I did the same thing, too. I didn't like how they made Peta and Kat's relationship so cheesy without explaining why (or their limited way). I didn't like how they took out Haymitch's role.

  3. Oops forgot the rest of the comment. I didn't know about people upset with her race. I assumed she was white in the book. I know they were upset about the age though since Jennifer Lawrence looks older than Kat. I know there was a BIG controversy here about the little girl being black, but she was black in the books.

  4. Had an awesome time with you that week! :)