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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No gym Day

Last night, going to bed around 11pm, I was worried that I wouldn't have a great night's rest. I had too much energy all day, I had an annoying, needy, vocal cat staying at my place, as well as room-mates that stay up later than me playing video games.
But it was a restful night, made successful by a pair of beautiful green ear-plugs :)
Once 7:30 rolled around, I was awoken early by the cat and got ready to make breakfast.

Oatmeal with shredded coconut and cinnamon, yum.

I had looked over the schedule at the gym for Wednesdays and determined that I only had time to catch one class around my 9am-5pm First Aid & CPR training. It was from 06:30-7:30, and I might have time to bike home, shower and be ready in time to be picked up to make the training. But after yesterday's two work-outs I decided to make today a rest day and try again tomorrow.

I'm pleased with my decision, as I was wiped once I got home and needed a nap. Two glorious hours - now I'm studying, making dinner and drinking tea. I still have time to go to the gym NOW, but it's already 9, dark outside, and the gym closes at 11. I'd have just enough time to squeeze in some treadmill time and bike home in the dark. BUT:
  • I'm not that motivated
  • I'm kinda scared of biking at night (I need to buy a reflective vest)
  • I don't care enough to go everyday
I plan on making an attempt to go to a yoga class tomorrow evening after training, but it depends on what time we finish. If I don't make it in time for the class, I'd like to hit up the treadmill (maybe) and catch some TV time. We'll see!

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  1. Love your honesty in "I don't care enough to go everyday" haha I fully support your day of rest!