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Friday, October 22, 2010

Running Resume

Perhaps I should have included this in my intro post, since I think PR's say a lot about runners.

So.... why do people race?
Well personally, I do it for the T-shirt and the medal. The free snacks. The great atmosphere.

But why would I do ANOTHER race of the same exact distance, year after year?

(To create traditions) To beat my previous time!!

5k --- 33.42 (but about 31 mins in present RL)
10k--- 1:12

I KNOW I'm slow, so I'll spare you having to let me know that ;)
I would love to beat 2:45, 2:30, 2:15, in the HM and I'm working on it!

Races coming up:
Spring Thaw 5k (3rd year in a row!) March 6th
Miracle Run 10mi/5k, April 10th
Forest City Road Race HM, May 1st
Trot to the Beach HM, June 5th

Haha, 4 INTENSE running months, just as the weather is warming up <3
And then I get to slack off straight after, and never run again, ever.
(haha get it?? I said that on a blog about running!)

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