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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cloudy out

The thing about cloudy - or even rainy - days is that I don't feel like going outside. I would love to just make some tea, ignore school and plop on a movie, but life isn't like that around here.

Going pretty good. I have a little walk planned for tonight and it may turn into a little (but fast) run with Calvin. He's a newbie with long-legs so it seems he's going faster than me!
Tomorrow, after my last class of the week, is a planned long run. I would love to do a 10k, but I hope the weather will cooperate.
Saturday is a scheduled sports massage - my first ever! I know it's a bit silly that it doesn't fall near or around an official event, but it's making me want to make my long run count :)

And I'll leave you guys with a few benefits of a sports massage:
They can break down muscle spasms, release tension and induce better sleeping habits (due to the increased blood flow I guess).
Better posture!
Can release pressure on nerves and reduce ankle swelling.

There's also pre- and post-event massages with different movements that target different things. 
Pre- massages help gear up the muscles to work and perform at their best.
Post- massages aim to increase blood flow to speeden recovery and relax you :)
I'm getting the latter, and I'll try and kill my long run tomorrow!

I'll write about the experience on Sunday!

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