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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Friday 10k

I'm so glad it's Friday! This week has been a bit busy, and I have lots to do this weekend.

I just wanted to write some things about the run I just came back from.
It was a good idea to double up on socks, tops and gloves. It gets hot while running, but I was cold during my walk home. It was also quite windy, and the layering kept me wind-proof.

I believe my lungs are getting better at taking the cold - I am coughing a little after my run (more than usual) but my lungs don't feel frozen, as they have before. 

I saw some weird things today:
a guy running after a ship! (he couldn't keep up)
a spooky tree - this was while I was walking home, and I saw its shadow move as it was windy and it just completely made me jump!
I also saw a police helicopter flying over the river with a search light - hopefully not looking for a body. Or if they were.... that they found it :/

I'm so thankful to have been able to RUN 10 kilometres today, and have the opportunity to have a sports massage tomorrow! I was looking forward to a warm cup of tea, some TV and a cute kitty waiting for me at home. Glad to be back indoors :)

Oh, and here are my splits (I walked 3-4 mins in between each km, and the last one was 2 mins walking)
for a running total of  1 hr 9min 11! Which would be my fastest 10k except I should add about a half hour to that for walking ;)

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