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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sports Massage

I went on my long run yesterday  -10km. It's long for me at the moment, as running hasn't been going so well lately. Knee discomfort, poor diet, little time and a lack of motivation has kept me from running as much as I'd like to.
But I managed to carve out a couple of hours yesterday, I beat the cold by dressing warmly and ran my 10. I made sure to tell everyone so they'd hold me to it. I took my Ipod, fully loaded with podcasts and just caught up with them :)

That long run had perfect timing, as I'd decided to go for a Sports Massage this weekend, as a special treat [A year ago today I started dating my now-boyfriend :) ]
I was warned it wouldn't be fun, that it would be a stimulating and rough massage (Haha). I was fine with that - and curious to see if it would do anything for the sure soreness I would feel the day after my long run.

Well.. to be honest, I found it quite relaxing!
I noticed that the massage felt different on either side of my body:
The massage on my right leg felt a lot more intense and rough than on the left side. And when she massaged my neck (to relieve tight shoulders) the left side felt really ticklish, whereas the right side didn't! Now, is that just me, or does the massage therapist usually change techniques based on different sides, or muscles.... ?

The oil was warm (felt great), the music was chill and the atmosphere was so calming. I came out relaxed and I felt as if I was walking taller.
The massage didn't really fix my muscle twitch (just higher than my right knee), nor did it stop me from chronically tensing up my shoulders. It also didn't prevent my muscles from hurting... and it cost me quite a bit out of my pocket!

However, as a once-in-a-year treat, I loved it!

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