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Saturday, December 25, 2010


I left Edmonton, AB at midnight on the 22nd. I spent 50+ hours on the bus travelling across Canada to get to London, ON.
I finally made it yesterday morning! And I saved at least $600 by skipping the airplane....

I went to be at 7pm and woke up at 10am. I am no longer sleep deprived! (it's hard to sleep on a moving bus)

On that bus ride I hardly moved (my bum sure hurts now!!), ate little and hydrated even less.
I have a horrible dehydration headache this morning and am forcing myself to drink water.
My stomach also felt really weird yesterday, and I'm slowly returning to normal eating (aka = not a granola bar every 6 hours).

Being a bus for 2+ days feels very close to putting yourself in a time capsule: I felt very isolated despite twittering about where I was and messaging my friends occasionally.
I read 3 entire books and started knitting a scarf but did little else.
We would get out and stretch every 3 hours, and take an hour pause every 6 hours...

The point is, I'm sure glad to be out of that moving box. And I may go for a Christmas run tonight! :)

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