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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Travel Mugs

I haven't run in about.... a week maybe. My dailymile page is empty and sad. :(

Whereas I'm usually full of excuses not to venture outside (in the snow) for a run, I have little excuses now. I WANT to go for a run! I miss running :(
But I went to sleep in a super soft bed and slept weird, and I woke up with the right side of my back hurting :(
I haven't been able to properly yawn in a couple of days. I sneezed twice today, which is relevant because I haven't been able to breathe in deeply since the incident. It hurts when I take a breath, and I need to stretch to try and do it.
It's not too bad... you know... I just start panting walking up 5 stairs.

I am a little worried, but I'm sure a trip to the Dr's would result in me being sent home with a 'muscular injury' and told to take Ibuprofen. So I am chillin' for the rest of 2010.
I am doing a super awesome long (slow) run as soon as I get back home! I. Cannot. Wait!

Oh and I got a crazy purple travel mug for Christmas.

If I put boiling water in with a teabag, the contents stay warm for hours. HOURS. Like... 4 hours.
My boyfriend's dad says he doesn't like it because it keeps his tea too warm for too long.
Just wanted to let my blog readers know that if you want a travel mug, this one's it. Also: it is impossible to spill, as it has some crazy autoseal something or other. I've tried :)

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