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Monday, January 3, 2011


I went for my very first run of the year tonight, at around 7:30pm.
It was a slow 6km walk run, but I'm glad I got it in. Fitness-wise I felt okay: my legs were strong after two weeks off, and my lungs were working well despite the cold air.

I had some stomach cramps half-way through, which sucked because I was at the very least 15 mins from home. I decided to walk it out, which was a great decision. I still felt weird the rest of the run, but I finished it off walk running 1:1 and felt okay.

I have decided to keep running this route for the next two weeks. I love being able to see where I start struggling, and how it gets further and further each time :) My goal for the end of January is to run this smoothly, and then work on distance. My half marathon is in FOUR MONTHS (May 1st) and I want to be prepared!

Oh, and the entry is named after McD's cos I ran past there and felt highly superior to the people in the drive-through because I may live longer than them :)

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