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Monday, December 13, 2010

Some snowwy updates

Yesterday, it snowed the ENTIRE day. There were big, fat, fluffy snowflakes falling everywhere outside, while I sat inside drinking hot chocolate-coffee. :)
My boyfriend and I braved the snow to go to the mall to exchange some things and buy some presents.
We managed to lose the car, coming out of the wrong entrance! Everyone was looking at us weirdly as we were running around the parking lot looking for nothing. Let me just say that snow turns to mush in parking lots and it got all over my pants :(

I also managed to forget to buy the Christmas cards! I'm thinking of making home-made ones, but I don't have a lot of craft materials :(

I have finally uploaded some pictures from my camera. Here are a few randoms ones that are relevant to my life:

this was a kitten we found walking home from school one day. There was a tornado warning, and our neighbour said he had been outside for a few days so we took him with us. He didn't get a long too well with our cat (next pic) but after 4 days they had bonded. The owners took him back after we had posted 34millions posters that he was lost :)

I know he looks evil, but that's only cos I woke him up :)

This is a sunflower I planted recently in soil my worms had made (from composting newspapers and banana peels!). It's growing slowly, but I blame that on it being so close to a cold window in order to get sunlight....)

I had promised my roomates I would make pancakes one day, and we were out of milk AND eggs. So I ended up making them vegan, with soy milk. They were the best pancakes I've ever made, and I've been making them regularly since then (on average everyday :)). I made some banana chocolate chip ones yesterday.

Well that's all. Today ended up being an errand day, since I managed to get my student card re-programmed to work at the gym (it wouldn't swipe since I lost my newest one, and then found an old one, blah blah) and gave in my evaluation for placement....
I also stopped by the gym and did 2 miles. I couldn't do any more because the person next to me was the smelliest person in the world and it was really hard to breathe..... :(


  1. Love the cats. I miss ours. Jason promised me another one so I'm keeping my eyes open :) I mailed off your Christmas card today.

  2. SO MUCH SNOW!!! I want a kitty:( Those pancakes look amazing!!! Your roomies are lucky!

  3. Those pancakes were awesome :D and Sampson does not look pleased XD