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Saturday, December 4, 2010


Back when I was a little girl, I took swimming lessons at an American school in Kuwait.
I graduated through the classes steadily: I learnt how to dive, do mouth-to-mouth and how to swim in full clothing. The tests for finishing up a class was swimming a certain number of laps and demonstrating you had learnt the skills.

I think I did one swimming race when I was little, where I represented my school - The English School.

I remember swimming with my breath burning my lungs. I was splashing my arms frantically trying to beat the person in the next lane....
And I came third!!!!

... out of 4 people.

The point of this story is that I KNOW how to swim! I kind of like swimming, actually. (Once you get into a rhythm, all you can hear is your squishy breath and splashing... :))
I occasionally go to my University gym and do some laps. I like to go with my rooomate, who's training for tris. (

A few months ago (March?!) I started swimming. At first I could only do ONE lap before I had to take a breather. The next time I went, I did sets of two and then rested. Within a month I was able to do SIXTY (60) laps without stopping!
And now I can only do 10...  because I've stopped going.

The entire point of this entry is that I would like to keep swimming, in between running. I went swimming for 34mins (with breaks) yesterday.


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