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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Did you hear about the Pandas? Scientists in China have figured out how to breed Pandas and they've reached their goal of 300 babies. They're planning on releasing them into the wild soon :)

You can read about it here. [Thanks Lui!]

In local news....
It's snowing outside!
It's those kind of lazy flakes that get blown around so I feel a little bit like I'm in a snow globe... :D

I woke up late this morning (at 11:43!!!!) instead of at ten.
The gym opens at noon on Sundays, but I had planned on getting some studying and breakfast-making in.
So I think everything's been pushed back.

I did make chocolate chip soy-milk pancakes :)
I will try and study for a half-hour.
And then I'll see if my room-mate wants to go to the gym!

[I woke up this morning and my arms really, really hurt.
Oh swimming, why are you so good for me?]

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