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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Let me tell you about my run last night.
It was a 'long run', since my long runs nowadays are anything over a 5k :)
I ran 6.4km in around 50 mins. Lame, but I got them done.

I was dressed warmly, so I wasn't cold except for my face. I felt strong in the beginning, and I only walked 2.5 mins overall.
Don't you hate it when you get to a traffic light and wish it would turn red so you can stop... but you just get all of them green in a row :(

I came home, and if it wasn't bad enough that it had started snowing at the end of my run, I had decided to buy a bag of ice and try an ice bath.
[I do have pictures, but due to technical stupid Iphone issues, I cannot post them]
It wasn't as bad as I was expecting!

-make a hot chocolate
-fill tub half way with cold water.
-sit in it until you're semi comfortable
-add bag of ice
-start the timer (I did 20 mins) and try and enjoy your hot chocolate!

I then got up, dried off and put on pajama pants. I was shivering for a good half hour until I got warmed up.

I was pretty upset because my legs DID hurt yesterday after the ice-bath, but they don't this morning! (There is some soreness, but nothing that would stop me from working out today!)

I will do this again.... but not until at least next week because a bag of ice is $2.99 and we can't make ice cubes ourselves :

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