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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today was pretty great:

-Woke up at 9am.

-Breakfast, making coffee, waking up boyfriend, playing with cat...
[Breakfast was awesome - muesli-type cereal with chocolate chips & soy milk + microwave for a min!]

-10am blood donation appointment. I had made sure to drink lots of water and not skimp on breakfast, learning from last time. I got cleared for all the health & risk factors and donated my unit in around 6 minutes! By far my fastest time :)
(Everyone was saying that London had gotten a tonne of snow and how I'm lucky I'm in Windsor... well I'm spending Christmas in London, haha)

-Came home, studied for a bit.

-Watched How I Met Your Mother, lunch and a nap.

-Went to meet with my book buddy at the Public Library. Sadness because it may be our last meeting together... but happiness cos I got a crazy-cute card!

-Walked to Ferrary's where the boy-roommates were, studied a bit more.

-Gym @ 9:30, where I did 30 mins on the elliptical.

-Got back home, had some ice-cream with chocolate chips. Posted on dailymile, read some blogs... debating whether I should just go to bed or read a bit more. Hmmmmm....

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