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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, in a running sense, I am a failure.
I broke my blog-promise last night because I did not go for a run.
I really wanted to go - I was even dressed to go! But I got into an argument with my roomate, and it was just more important to sort it out than go running.
I am also not going today, because it is very snowy and I don't feel like being cold tonight. There is plenty of time this weekend for a long and cold run :)

However, I am not a failure in other respects:

  • I am a student leader on campus. I am part of VISA and AIESEC  and proud to be part of them.
  • I am in my 3rd year of university and doing well so far.
  • I have run 2 5ks, one 10k and one half marathon. I have signed up for two more 5ks and one half marathon this year.
  • I have great roomies that want to do an Adventure Race with me!
  • I am injury-free.
  • I am super busy but make time to get in enough sleep :)
  • I am healthy and haven't been sick in a long time.
  • I volunteer a lot, so I feel connected to the community :)
Hehe, there's my list of awesome to make me feel better.


  1. Don't beat yourselfup to badly for not running. Life sometimes gets in the way. Just don't let too many days go before your next run and you will be fine. Winter running is really hard to stay motivated to do.

  2. I've done that a hundred times, but as long as you make it out there some times. I'm barely even exercising now. I tried abs every morning, but I have alot going on in my personal life. And my ankle is still messed up. I can't wait to get back to GASP running. I miss it.

    So, don't beat yourself up! You are already doing more than enough.