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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The point of this blog post is to make a promise to myself.

DM is saying I haven't run in a week.
But I played Kinect Sports (track & field - hurdles) a few days ago and my bum hurts. So I really want to count it as running.

This past week, each and every day I've thought about going for a run. I had even gone so far as to putting aside time for it. I felt bad each day I didn't get to go.

Here is my list of excuses:
Icy sidewalks
Busy Gym/Hate treadmills
No time
Too dark outside.

I think all those are fair things to consider as I like to run outside. I like to bundle up with double layers of everything, plan out my route on Google, make sure to carry a phone and ID. I even leave my route on my laptop in case anything happens and my room-mates need to find where I went.
But the biggest issue was the it's dark outside, or that the sidewalks are icy. Well I'm not afraid of the dark... and there isn't much ice out today.

I WILL go for a run tonight, after my Toastmasters meeting!!!
Hehe, and then I will finally be able to log into DM without feeling bad :)

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