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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today (yesterday) was a long, long day.
It started at 6am. It included a 40 minute freezing walk in the cold to waste time because I was too, too early for work this morning.
Today was MAKING POVERTY EVERYONE'S BUSINESS. It included the chance to listen to some amazing speeches and meet some awesome people within my community. I learned a lot and met some passionate people. I was a note-taker this morning and was able to listen in on the brainstorming process that goes on behind Poverty-reduction strategies from a non-profit point of view. There were some common themes and concerns with the process, but even business owners agree that taking little steps NOW can lead to a big change 5 years down the line. A Living Wage is one example.

Enough about my work :)

I didn't have much time between work and my 7pm meeting at school.
Calvin had said he didn't want to drive me out just yet (at around 5:30), so I took that as a sign I shouldn't head out. I changed out of running clothes and went into bum-vegetable mode.
A few minutes later he says he's ready to drive me. I had already decided to skip the run.
I went back and forth, vocalising my indecision to go for a run.
I then realised I had posted it on my blog, so I HAD to go out! :)

I ran 6.6km today, in about 45 mins (slow) but I got out there, felt great, and didn't let myself down! :)
I may go for a run tomorrow, but I think it's date night - next long run will definitely be Saturday.

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