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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Right now:

-my tongue hurts because I ate too many salted sunflower seeds.
-I am growing tomatoes on my windowsill.
-My calves hurt... some would say due to overdoing the new Vibrams, but I refuse to believe these lovely shoes would want to hurt me :)
-My cat decided he wanted outside this morning... so he ended up closely resembling a popsicle, since he had to stay outside until 5pm when I came back :(
-The 150min/week challenge is over at the gym. I thought it went until the end of Feb??? So I didn't win a T-shirt :(
-I went to the gym today with my new gym buddy. I had originally said 1h on the elliptical, but at the half hour mark, once my feet went numb and I sweated all the way down my shirt and wanted to quit, Modern Family came on and I decided to do my whole hour :D


  1. gym buddies are key to pushing yourself. My mates and I get together, rage and fuckin give er on the weight lifting.

  2. even if you are not motivated, do your part and lie :D

  3. I HATE how sunflower seeds hurt your tongue!!

    Good luck with the 5 fingers. I've never been brave enough to try those yet.