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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Does anybody plan work-outs around the weather?

I used to live in the Middle East and I would try and run in the evenings/early nights to avoid the sun and the worst part of the heat.

Now that I live in Canada and experience changes in the weather, I have gotten into the habit of checking the weather online. I like to check the 5-day forecast and plan my outside workouts around the weather. (Or if it's snowing, hide inside head to the gym.)

The day after tomorrow is supposed to be +3 and rainy. I think I'll head outside for some fresh air on the day!! Nothing like relativity to make above-0 temps feel warm!


  1. I love working out outside when it is snowing.. Obviously not when it's really bad with wind, but i think it makes it more fun!

  2. Its cold ./.. until its not.. then I run outside :D