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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My trip to London ended with a trip to Novacks, where I bought a pair of blue Vibrams!! They look more purple than blue, and they are SUPER COMFY.
My toes fit a bit weirdly inside them, because they have spent 20 years being squished by shoes, but I have hopes that I will get used to my pinky having separation anxiety.

I also bought my sister a super secret birthday present, which I should mail out in the next few days! :)

And my trip to london also included a short trip to pick up some take-out from Veg Out, where I got a large Roasted Potato Spinach salad for my bus ride back :D They're food is great, but the prices are a little steep. My salad was $10, and could have been bigger. I plan on trying to replicate it at home - but tomorrow, after I've gone shopping for food. We have nothing in the house right now!!

Off to the gym for a couple of hours. I am debating whether I want to go to the pool tonight or not... if I do I may not have a ride back, and there is about 10inches of snow on the ground... so maybe I'll push it until tomorrow! :)

Pictures soon! :)

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  1. super secret :P . I was actually thinking about veg-out later. I didn't remember looking at any prices and I was wondering what it was like. I think it was pretty much what I expected though.