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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm supposed to be studying for my Group Work midterm, but I keep getting distracted by the internet!
I have been thinking about getting some Vibrams for the longest time.
I would love them in purple!!
The idea came about as I was cleaning my room and came across my pink shoes, which are reserved for summer and hold many awesome memories :)

Each summer I notice that the first few days I wear them I get a headache because I step too heavily in them. I then realise that the way I was changes, as they are basically made of pink material with NO support. However, once my feet get used to the heat (I could feel the ground in Kuwait) they are my favourite shoes to wear the entire summer. I even wear them swimming in the river/sea, as they dry quickly and are super versatile.

I will be sad when the day comes that I will no longer be able to wear them. They've lasted a bunch of years with minimal tearing and I am proud of them!

So...  Vibrams. They seem more durable and could withstand the pounding of running. I would love to try them out, but I'm a bit weary of the separate spaces for each toe, hmm.

Next time I am in London I will look around and see if I find any.
In the meantime... back to studying and resting my aching calf muscles (the hillbilly trail race this past weekend was tough!!)

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  1. Yeah, I haven't decided on those shoes just yet. I like a sole, some padding between my feet and the ground. I have three friends that wear them and two of them love them. One of my friends has three pairs and wears them all the time as his regular shoe. My other friend wore them for our beach run in August and liked them, but I'm not sure she's giving them the full chance just yet. She's not in love. So, I hope you get some and they work out for you.

    My summer shoe are my fit flops. I love them. Will hardly wear anything else.