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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Hi everyone!

I know the last post had a lot blood in it, but this post should be happier!

Here is a picture of my kitty:

This is from a while ago, and he was angry that I woke him up :(

I slept in today, until almost 11am!! It was awesome:)
I then had an AIESEC  meeting which was a lot of fun! Our OGX (out going exchange) team is awesome and I look forward to working with these people :D

I studied a bit after I got home from that, and wasn't planning on going outside since it was snowing all day.
We were supposed to go food-shopping, but it's on the list for tomorrow.
(I looked up some cool recipes for Indian dishes, and I am super excited to try them in the next week!!)

I had plans to go to the gym with Julia at around 5-6, but we ended up going at 7.
I always see a bunch of people I know at the gym, and it's fun because I sometimes don't get to see them in the outside world. I was on the treadmill next to my summer room-mate today and I got caught up on the house drama lately :) I am super glad I moved out of that place....

I felt pretty great today running. Considering I donated blood at the start of this week, I am 99% back to normal, it feels like. :)

However, my knee is really acting up. It's my stupid left knee, and I bought a knee brace to try see if it helps, but I keep forgetting to take it with me to the gym!
Muscles are hurting when I do crazy inclines on the treadmill, so I may try to stay away from that.
I did a few reps on the 'rowing machine' yesterday and my arms hurt super crazy. It's such an odd feeling, since my arms almost never hurt in normal life.

I have a 5k next weekend!!!! It's a TRAIL run AND a hill run. I am more than a little scared, but I'm not looking for time on this race... I just want to come in before the last person!
It should be a fun time, and at $15 I think it's one of the cheapest races I will do! :)

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