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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crappy Knee

I had the toughest run of the year today.
It was at the track. It wasn't speed that got me, it was pain. Pain you shouldn't feel while running, and pain that shouldn't be there.
It's my stupid knee. It hurts about 1mi into a run and then doesn't go away. It's usually not too bad... or perhaps I usually stop when I feel it.
I've tried ice, changing shoes, taking days off.
The days off help, and my knee wont hurt at the beginning of a brand new run. But it's still there and as soon as I near 1mile, it flares up.

It hurts worse when I walk vs when I run. It super, super hurts when I walk. I did two cool-down laps while waiting for one of my roomates to finish his 10k, and I was crying since it hurt so freaking much.

Here is a copy-paste of what I wrote on DM:
16 x 200m: 
1.00 (ran with the Mikes) 
2.21 (recovery lap) 
---- knee flare-up, went to the lockers to have a meltdown. 
12.35 min mile on elliptical. Initially hurt to put weight on my knee, but it cooled off eventually. 
Sat in the fieldhouse feeling sorry for myself for a while, watching the Mikes do laps. 
I figured that I maybe won't be doing too much damage to my knee since it hurts anyway. AND it hurts a teeny bit less when I run vs when I walk. 
1.18 (with MacAdams) 
1.19 (with MacAdams) 
2 x 200m cool-down. This was painfully slow. Haha, get it? It freaking hurt to walk and I was crying most of it. 
Limped home. 
There will be a Dr's appt tomorrow, we'll see how that goes.
On the one hand, I am glad I didn't quit. But on the other, there's a part of me that will be so upset if I've made the whole thing worse.
So tomorrow morning, I'm heading to the student centre and seeing if I can either get help at the Student Health Services, the Sport's therapy place at the gym, or the other place at the student centre. We'll see. I'm going to make someone help me.
Stay tuned!

Oh... on a brighter note, I saw TWO people with Vibrams at the gym today! One had bright red ones and they were gorgeous :)


  1. I hope your knee pain is something that's fixable, or at least manageable. I'll have my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Sounds like pateller tendonitis, maybe caused by a muscle imbalance.You may need orthotics, until you strengthen your quads(to match the strength of your hamstrings).\JMO from experience.
    Love to hear what the Dr. says.