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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Injury Rehab

As runners, I think it's hard to accept that our body is failing us. Sometimes it's out own fault - we went too far, too fast or we tried something we maybe weren't ready for. For me, usually it's that I stopped running for a bit (due to being busy, travelling, or whatever) and then coming back as if nothing happened.

Whatever the reason we are injured, it's hard to accept it (at least it is for me). I WANT to run, and to run pain-free. It seems like it's been a while since I've had a great run where my knee wasn't hurting. It seems like it's become normal and most days I go with it. A couple of weeks ago I went running for 50 mins just ignoring my knee pain, consoling myself with the fact that at least it's not getting worse.

Well, last week it did get worse. I had to stop and have a little melt down as I understood that this injury wasn't due to not being ready to run or being out of shape. This was a real thing that will not go away.
So I scheduled an appt with a chiropractor, since that's what our school has close by. They assured me they could see/help me, and I gave it a shot.
The Dr said I have irritated lateral tendons and he zapped my knee with electricity. He then used a laser to break up scar tissue. He sent me away to ice it and take it easy. He wants me to run as long as it doesn't hurt, and to go back on Monday.

It seemed that the zapping and shining worked, a little. It hasn't been as sore as that workout where I ended up crying and limping home. It mostly hurts when I cross my legs at school, or when I twist my leg side-ways.
So I'm learning to take it easy and I'm learning that I can only go as far as my weakest tendon.


  1. in time your tendon will get stronger, keep running!

  2. Well Suza, no I don't have any experience with irritated tendons, but I am making the assumption that like with all muscle group;s in time you will adjust. Because you injured it you are susceptible to injury so just be careful and slowly work up to it. Do not take pain killers before running, my cousin did that...he is stupid.