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Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly recap

Here is a picture of me all dressed up for our team pictures! I felt bad cropping out someone next to me, but the picture was quite big....
Let's pretend I am still on (old) Kuwait time and the weekend ends on Friday.
I've been so busy this week that I've had to leave a class early so that I could go to a meeting, and I've changed into fancy clothes in a bathroom stall because I didn't have time to go home.
I can finally sit on the couch and relax after a very long, busy week.

I know this is supposed to be a running blog, but since I have been chilling my knees and been taking it slow, there is no running to report since my track laps on Monday.
I went for a walk with Calvin yesterday, which was nice, as I used the 40 mins to unwind and be super smug as I'd tricked Calvin into exercising.

Things that deserve mentioning for this week:
-I did my first speech at a Toastmasters meeting this week. It was my ice-breaker speech, and I talked for 4 and a half minutes about myself. My only grammatical mistakes were that I said 'so' 4 times and 'um' twice. It's silly about the ummms.... because I heard myself say it the first time, and I was nervous and said it a second time!
-We are on our way to getting a show on the University radio show. I am super excited. The show will basically be what V.I.S.A stands for, but in 'spoken word' form. I am planning on having a different cultural theme each show; having guest speakers to talk about fun things from back home, or things they found weird when they were new to Canada, music from around the world and crazy interesting trivia, such as not all curry is spicy!
- I got a volunteering award for Associate of the year. It sure sounds special, but when you think about it logically (there are only two associate positions on the VISA team) it's only a 50% chance that I would win. I am super proud though!
-I am on top of my finals papers and am pretty calm about wrapping up this semester. I cannot believe my third year in university has gone by so fast! It really feels as if I was sitting at a recognition dinner just a couple of months ago... but it was a full year ago!
- The weather sucks but I will try and walk with Calvin 3x a week, and I will try another run again as soon as it's warmer outside!

That concludes this week. It looks as though next week isn't as busy, but it's still full of role plays, group meetings, reviews boards and training.


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