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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have an older Ipod nano that's silver. I'm telling you the colour because it's a very important detail, okay?

I'm not one for fancy gadgets. I have my Timex Ironman watch, my ipod, some funky running shoes and that's about it. Oh, and my laptop.

So I've had my ipod since my senior year in HS - about 4 years. It's perfect. I never update the songs, I have my running song playlists, and I occasionally update my podcasts. Because it's an older model, I can buy covers for it at clearance sales :)

But the BEST thing about my ipod, is that the battery is amazing. It lasts months at a time, since I keep the brightness down and the backlight off most of the time. I can listen to this baby for 3 ENTIRE days while I'm on a bus travelling across the country, and it won't die on me.

But the downside for it's amazing battery is that I forget it needs charging about twice a year ;)
So when the battery ran out two weeks ago, I kept grabbing my ipod, forgetting it wouldn't turn on. And I've misplaced the cord that will charge it.

Ha, I just wanted to tell you that. I'm thankful for my ipod :)


  1. I have one too, but the newer version. The battery does not last for that long though!!! It's not too heavy to run with?

  2. thats super awesome that it has such a long battery life.

    and ps: I smile each time you refer to me and adam as your fav. bloggers. :) thats so sweet, thank you!

  3. They sell cords for those...I know because my cat keeps chewing through them. She has a strange attraction to the white plastic coating on all Apple products...