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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well, it's officially Tuesday, my last day of exams.
I am working on my final paper and putting finishing touches on it, at 6 in the morning. I'm such a last minute person lately....

Since I have been staying up, I've been munching on chocolate eggs, carob chips and dried seaweed to keep me entertained while writing this paper. It may be a weird combination, but I like the variety in flavours.
Today is going to be busy - nap, write my exam, print & hand in my paper, try to hit the travel agent's before they close. And then relax................ I am super excited.

My left calf is almost back to normal. There is still some pain (DOMS) when stretching it, but I think it may be all right to run on by tonight. If the weather is decent I will try go for an outdoor run. But as it was snowing yesterday morning, the weather could go either way - I hear there's a call for rain.

I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos on barefoot running, and I may be developing an obsession with feet. They are so crazy awesome!!! The fact that we wear shoes has taken away our ability to receive information about the ground and how we walk/run, which is why we've all developed heel strikes (which is bad). Your bones can even fuse together if they have been forced into uncomfortable positions for too long. It's crazy that without shoes, we can spread out our toes and use more muscles to balance and stuff.

Perhaps if we didn't wear shoes, our feet would be less ticklish?


  1. Good luck withe paper! I am intrigued by the whole barefoot thing too but not going to try it until (lets hope it doesn't come to this)I become injured. So far so good in the shoes.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yes, I should be drinking lots of water as I did read that was one way to help heal a concussion.

  2. I always loved when you could see the end of the school year.
    good luck

  3. I'm loving the whole barefoot thing. And I am constantly amazed at what a marvel the foot is. Be careful with the cold. I've found that it just doesn't do much good because you really can't get much feedback when they're so cold. I'm ready for good weather, how about you?