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Saturday, May 14, 2011

21 life goals

As I'll be celebrating my birthday tomorrow, I have realised that it is time for a post of life goals.

Off the top of my head, I already have 2:

#1 Run a full marathon
#2 Celebrate New Year's Eve on a rooftop

As 21 is a milestone, it would be nice to stop and think about where I'd like my life to be. I am pleased to say that at 21, I am the person I had always imagined I would be at 21: happy, dedicated (to school), fit and healthy. I always wanted to feel as if nothing was holding me back, and to be surrounded by good friends. Check, and check :)

As I have just come up with these last 19, I am not 100% committed to them...  I may not even be able to list 19 more (not sure yet).

Perhaps I'll look at these a few months from now, and re-evaluate their importance. But for now, these are a few things I would like to experience, or accomplish:

4 - be a person who keeps in touch with HS friends, and university friends. (and AIESEC friends?)
5 - learn to make carrot cake.
6 - get a job in Canada
7 - spend a year in a poor country.
8 - rely on a bike as my main means of transport.
9 - have super short hair again.
10 - maintain my vegetarian lifestyle.
11 - always grow things on my window-sill ~ tomatoes, squash, avocado, etc
12 - Read at least 5 non-fiction books a year.
13 - subscribe to an academic journal (social work-related?)
14 - de-clutter (my personal things) and live a cleaner life (less junk).
15 - run an official race without shoes on.
16 - Have 50+ followers on the blog... hehe
17 - participate in a triathlon (maybe).
18 - Go on a century (miles) bike ride.
19 - participate in an adventure race with close friends (this september?!!!)
20 - adopt a pet dog.
21- adopt my children.

Okay, that wasn't too hard. I'm curious to see what I will keep a year from now, and what else I find to be important in life. Have a great Saturday everyone!

This picture is a present from my friend MJ. :)


  1. just found your blog and i love it! happy belated birthday, girl!

  2. Happy BIrthday (belated now I think) !! Fantastic list - I created one similar to it when I was a few years older than you are now, and it gives me great pleasure to see the number of check / done! marks on it. Make sure you keep it, refer to it often, and delight in the check marks you mark on it in the future. :) :)