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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Hour

I have come to realise that 8-9pm in my most favourite time of the day! There is this amazing soft light, and it feels like the world is sleepy... a few people are out, but most seem to be waiting for night to settle in.
It's my favourite time to go for a run - it's cool not cold yet, and it's not too hot either. It's calm, but it's different from the morning because you haven't just given up a warm bed for a run.

Ahhh can't wait for my run tomorrow.
Ran 2km yesterday, and 1km today. I didn't mean for these runs to be so short. Yesterday I had tummy issues and today I ran into friends. I'm taking it as a sign to take things slow - I have the rest of my life to run uninjured, if I take the time to be careful now!

I love summer <3 

My second Half Marathon... finishing in the rain


  1. I also love twilight runs, and in the summer I can justify it because it tends to be the same temp at 7am and at 8pm, so I figure I might as well go run at the time my body prefers!

    PS I am taking your 100 pushup challenge suggestion, and I'll put up a post about how I'm going to structure it tonight. Want to join me?

  2. Definatly agree with the night run. I'm not a fan of leaving the warm bed for running..but sometimes it just has to be done!