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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Forest City Road Race - Half Marathon

Half marathon #2 has been recorded!
I finished almost exactly an hour after the boys. This makes me happy, as I wanted to finish in less than twice their time (they are super fast).
Mike Faul, Steve, Me!, Mike M.

I'm very pleased with this race.
I didn't train properly, because I took time off to zap my knee with electricity. I also took time off because I went for a too-much-too-soon run in Vibrams. My longest run was probably 8k, back when it was snowing.
But I stood at the START line mostly un-injured.
By the end of it, my quads hurt, I had blisters, the soles of my feet hurt, my lungs hurt, my arms were numb, and I was soaked. Talk about an exciting race! ;)

Let's look at my goals:
1) Finish - I did this!! No DNF for me :)
2) I TOTALLY beat the cut-off time (by 15 mins). Haha, 2:45 has a nice ring to it, eh?
3) I BEAT MY OLD TIME - by about 4 mins.
4) I wanted to beat 2:30, but I wasn't expecting to. Perhaps this will be my next goal! :D

I will write a full recap in a couple days, when I get the fancy pictures back.
I also want some time to forget how numb my arms got and hurt whenever I ran. How embarrassed I felt at needing to do 1:1 intervals for most of the race... And how uncomfortable the forming blisters felt, that I took off my shoes. And then running on roads with only socks on... ouch.

PS: I LOVE MY NEWEST MEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on a new PR and running even though you've had so many pains lately. I know what it's like to have injuries pop up during training, but I'm glad you can push through and enjoy the race.

  2. Congraaats!!! waiting for the picture with the medal....!