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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Twelve Floors Up

I landed in Kuwait a full 3 days ago. I haven't been sleeping much (it seems), at I wake up around 8/9 everyday, having gone to bed at 3am the night before. Perhaps this will require an increase in caffeine consumption, but at least I can resort to Starbucks here, and delicious iced-coffee at that!

My first night, I went running around campus with my sister. Sure, we did more talking than actually jogging, but it was good times. I ended up running in my Vibrams, and they were great. Weird bones in my ankle are still a bit sore, so I'm thankful I've brought my Minuzo's as well.
That same night, I ran up the stairs (12 floors, and back down) twice. The next day, I'm sure you can appreciate that my legs hurt.

The evening after that, I went running with my mum. This has never happened before, and I was truly excited!! When I went to high-school here, she would always take the dog on long walks. I walked with her a few times - and she walks FAST! Well, the time has finally come where she went running with me, and she did better than my sister! We did 1:3 intervals, about, and it was lots of fun.
I decided to skip the stairs that night.

I went to the movies yesterday, as it's 1.5KD instead of the normal 3KD, every Monday. We were supposed to watch a couple movies, but they were sold out and we had to watch a late showing of Blitz (not impressed). Got home quite late, and decided to just take some time off.

My computer is quite silly in the way that it despises the internet, and only loads slowly. It's frustrating enough that I only log on to check Facebook and my email, a couple times a day. With the time-distance, I can only talk to my friends in real time if they are up late, of if I am, so I am missing them a bit.

In other news, I may get a new phone and the competition for best 6-pack by the end of the summer is ON! (Thanks, roomie) I am hoping to run everyday, run stairs every other day and go swimming whenever I am able to. I left my goggles behind and refuse to swim laps without them, because as much as I like to see halos around lights due to the chlorine, it's probably not a good thing. Will table-tennis help me get muscle-y? Because I am really looking forward to playing some smashing games :D

Hope everyone is enjoying the last of May!

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