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Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've arrived! And I've met too many people, so that I can't remember their names. I'm not too worried - names usually come with time, and it's even easier once we're friends on facebook.

The drive to our flat was hilarious - between the two new arrivals, we had too many bags between us and they didn't fit in the car. Or at least the bags did, but the passengers didn't! Two of the guys that picked us up at the airport rode in the trunk, with the back door open! :) Needless to say, we drove pretty slowly, and were especially careful on each speed bump.

They drive on the other side than I'm used to here. And each car honks a lot. There seemed to be no pattern to the honking, so I asked. It's a rule to beep at the rickshaws as you pass them. And the motorcycles. Or the people. Or the dogs. You gotta honk before you overtake them!

So far I've seen two cows... but I wasn't really looking for them. There were a lot of people sleeping on the side of the street - good thing the weather's warm. Okay, it's HOT, not warm. We have a fan going in the flat, and it's moving air, and it's pretty effective for what you'd expect of a ceiling fan. But as soon as you move away from directly underneath the fan... you'll start to sweat.

I arrived a few hours after another intern from the States. She's had a longer flight than me, but I've had a horrible lay-over (12 hours) and so we've both missed a night's sleep. We're a bit unsure how to beat the sleepyness, and in her case, the jet-lag. Should we take a nap now - at 7:30am? How long should we sleep for? What if we oversleep, miss the entire day, and then can't sleep at night? I guess we'll play it by ear, and figure it out slowly.

There are a few others in the flat - another intern at the school with us, Emily from China. There's a guy from Equador, that's been here for over a year. There's an Asian girl that's been here a while and is leaving in a couple of months. There's a sleeping girl from Sweden we haven't met yet. We're currently being made tea, so I'm excited :)
One of the first things I noticed in the flat was the ROMANIAN flag on the window! There was a kid, Dragos, here last year and he left a huge flag in the window. Oh, and a guy from Ukraine just walked in without a shirt on! It's going to be a very interesting two months.

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  1. i'm glad to hear your having fun :) talk to you soon x