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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Leaving Kuwait

I'm in Doha, Qatar now... or at least in the airport. I've been here about 6 hours now, and I have 5 more to go before I board another plane tonight. It's not as bad as it sounds. While I hadn't made arrangements to have a room in the hotel before I left Kuwait, they've been kind enough to give me free meals for my lay-over, and I'm allowed to use the quiet rooms. I was actually looking for a washroom when I found an electric socket and decided to plonk myself by this pretty window-wall. I've been surfing the internet and watching planes take off for the past few hours.

I've always wanted to watch The Terminal in an airport, but I don't have a good copy. I started watching it an hour ago, and it stopped working once I'd gotten into the plot!!!
I've been lucky to have been entertained by my friend MJ - he's been telling me how people get married in Kuwaiti tradition, and how funerals are. He's even let me know that there's a cemetery where I least expected one to be, in Kuwait City...
I found the entire first season of I Shouldn't Be Alive on my laptop and I'm slowly watching through them. Wow, I am thankful to be in an airport, bored but safe! I've just been watching one where a couple and baby drive across the States to visit family and then get stuck in a national park during a blizzard. They were out in the cold (or in a cave or cold car) for NINE days before they were found!! 

Anyway. A green helicopter just landed and I've started to play the helicopter game. Who's with me?!

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