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Friday, August 26, 2011

10 days ago....

... I left India and came back to Canada. It's been fun, so far:

I went running - 3km barefoot

I like staring at my adorable kitty while he's sleeping.

I spent a week (and a weekend) in London and we talked while sitting on the hood of a car
Played pool at a friend's house. I'm still working on my Break

When I was in India, I especially missed the variety of foods and choices that I enjoyed in Canada. I missed the convenience of a supermarket that stocks EVERYTHING. I missed the freedom to cook  for myself and enjoy non-spicy food. So I was very excited to come back and COOK for myself! Even the grocery shopping trip was fun :)
I restocked my seaweed supply and made vegetarian sushi.

I eat A LOT of stirfrys because they are super easy and yummy

We don't eat the greatest in London... but it works occasionally! Fried mushrooms with peppers and onions, and garlic bread.
And that's a few pictures from my time back. I want to get a long(ish) barefoot run in this weekend and I'll come back with a recap (or excuses) for that. I've also been biking and have plans, hopes and aspirations, to do a 50k ride sometime in the near future. 

I can stand on each foot with my eyes closed for over 45 seconds! Can you? (This indicates balance and whether you should work on it.)


  1. Kitty is cute! Glad you're enjoying your freedoms and choices of living in westernized society!

  2. I normally have great balance so I will have to give this test a try. So jealous of your travels!

  3. I tried the standing on each foot and I could almost make it to 45 seconds, but only after significant teetering to keep my balance - wow! I am going to try that more often. And I think the barefoot running is completely and utterly awesome! Please keep us updated on your progress with this because this is bad-ass cool !!!!! :)