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Thursday, September 1, 2011


It's September! Which means that this time next week I will be freaking out over what to wear to my 4th year BSW orientation, and mentally reviewing everything I know about the Code of Ethics! School is almost starting, which also means that it's almost ending. I know that's strange... it's just that it's going to go by SO FAST, and as soon as I blink I'll have my BSW and I'll be a graduate :)

Since my room-mates are away (trip to Washington, some down-time in London, and last-minute moving-in errands) I've been a bit bored. And when I'm bored, I tend to park myself on the couch and entertain myself with the World Wide Web (who doesn't love stumbleupon??!). I've caught myself watching over 3 hours of TV without moving from the couch, and that HAD TO STOP!

While I can't think of too many things to do by myself in the city, I know I can work-out by myself. So I did that. This week, I've burnt 1570 calories through 4 workouts totalling almost 3 hours. Which I know isn't a lot, but it's just Thursday. I'm keeping myself healthy AND entertained! And I did a long-ish run of 6km. AND I have a bike-date for 50km next Wednesday! Seems like my last week of summer won't be too dull.

29.08/ bike/ 25min/ 5mi
30.08/ bike/ 40min
31.08/ bike/ 50min
01/09/ run/ 45min/ 6km 

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