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Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Blog

Haha, just kidding! But with the new Blogger layout, I keep ending up hitting the 'New Blog' button and slowly realising it isn't the 'New Post' button I was looking for :(

My friend's been trying to lose weight back in Kuwait (I just rhymed) and he's decided to eat a vegetarian diet for three months to help him fulfil his mission. He's been a real hard worker this week too: he ran 4k twice already and did a really long bike. Wow! I was able to  keep up with him by doing a 5k run on his first day, but I haven't been able to keep up with him since then.

Since he let me know that MY competitive-ness is keeping HIM competitive, I decided to go for a run tonight, in order to keep the challenge going. I usually like night-time runs because there are less people that yell and joke at me, and there are usually less cars on the road.

Tonight felt a little like Halloween. There were few people around, but they were huddled in loud, obnoxious groups. The weather was cool. Since it's Welcome Week, they were wearing 'costumes': the shortest skirts/dresses/shorts and/or a white shirt for Graffiti night. The run was scary:

  • I started my run down my street, where a few people out on their front porch started yelling encouraging phrases at me as I went by.
  • A huge truck was driving down a street it wasn't supposed to be on, and I wasn't sure it was going to stop at the red light (massive momentum, and all) so I waited for it to take the right turn before I crossed.
  • Once I passed Mcdonald's, feeling smug that I wasn't eating there OR sitting through the Drive-Through, the red car that was stopped at the window opened all their doors and started CHEERING for me, as if I was in a race. I kind of ran faster, because that was a little weird.
  • Two seconds after this happened, I heard a rustling in the grass. Turning to my right, I see a cute skunk and fear pricks me as I realise that it IS a SKUNK. Cue sprinting because I am terrified of being sprayed by one.
  • While running through my old neighbourhood, I hear a loud scream and see two college-aged girls running across the street in front of me, chasing each other. Okay. But then I see another 5-6 people chasing THEM (all in single-file), so I'm not too sure what was going on there.
  • I saw a skateboarder pick up his board and look both ways before walking across the road. Ha, that never happens.
  • I ran through a very dark street on my way back. I didn't realise that all the garbage was out because it's Sunday, but this was ideal skunk conditions, and I ran in the street as to stay furthest away from skunk-land. Hate skunks :(
Usually only one or two weird things happen during my night-time runs, but today there was A LOT going on. 


  1. Skunks would be the worst thing to encounter on a run, man.

  2. Your friend should have no problem losing weight on a vegetarian diet. Muscle weighs a lot. If he wants to lose fat, he should go paleo.