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Saturday, September 17, 2011


On Monday I ran 2.3km and my calves hurt.
On Wednesday I ran 4km and nothing hurt.
The difference was my shoes.
While I still strongly believe that my Vibrams helped with my knee issues, I don't think my running form is perfect and I end up with a lot of calf tightness and pain. But for the present, I will try switch up between the shoes I have, and use Vibrams for shorter runs and the others for longer ones.

I usually have high goals and great intentions. I always tell myself I'll run further/faster than I did last time, but sometimes I quit early because I get bored (usually) or something will start hurting and I should stop to prevent it from getting worse.

Today, my aim is to set out for a run and return one hour later. I want to keep moving for 60 minutes.
I would like to practise the 2-1 method, or another version where I'll alternate running with walking. This is to practise for a crazy race/event-thing that my room-mates and I are doing in 2 weeks.

We've mapped out a 2-mile route around out neighbourhood that starts and ends at our house.
We've also set a 5-hour limit.
We want to see if we can keep moving for that long.
And also, to see who can run the furthest.
I think  hope know I could win by chugging along and using a run-walk ratio. My roomies are VERY fast, but they can't keep up their silly pace for ever. So I intend to start slowly and keep it up. We've decided that walking will still count, because you can still cover a decent distance by walking. I guess the real winner is the one that will stay out there for a full 5 hours.

And if it's cold out, we'll just get our crew to make us hot chocolate, so we can have something to look forward to each lap :)


  1. Good luck :) Five hours running is such a long time!!

  2. So much fun! You have to tell us how it went and how many blisters you have!

  3. I am just getting caught up on your blog now (quiet Saturday morning with multiple cups of coffee!). This is such a cool idea and I love the fact that you will be doing this with your room-mates. :) This is like a MARATHON! And I love that it will be the one who hangs in there for 5 hours/the longest. Go Suza go! :)