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Monday, September 19, 2011

Messy rooms and lots of reading

I spent some time this weekend cleaning my room. It's been in a bit of a disorderly state because when one of my room-mates moved out, I kept his bed. And I kept his bed on top of MY bed, so I was sleeping on top of two box-springs and two mattresses. While it sounded like a great idea at first, it was a bit of a hassle once I realised they were two different sizes and didn't fit well on top of each other.
So I had clothes on the floor, a mattress leaning vertically next to my bed, papers, yarn and crap everywhere. I decided that it's time to organize, rearrange, clean and sweep everything, if I'm going to be able to concentrate on school.
And I did. And everything looks great now. I CAN SEE THE FLOOR! It's this gorgeous hard-wood that I haven't seen in a few months :) I've found lots of things I had thought I lost, and I've also done my first load of laundry since I've been back from India. (Since our washing machine is a little broken, I took my clothes to London to wash, hehe)

This weekend I drove for 20 minutes! While that might not be a big deal to a lot of people, it's super exciting for me :D I passed the test for my G1 back in January but haven't had access to a car to practice for my G2 entry test, which'll be in January. I'm pretty nervous, because while I have taken driving school, it was at least 3 years ago. So we drove, and drove, and had a little freak-out behind a pair of silly motorcycle drivers, we finally arrived at Value Village! One room-mate was looking for some Halloween stuff, and while we were waiting a took a chance and peeked at the shorts section. And I scored! I found, and bought, my first ever running skirt! I am super excited and have already slept in it and it's super comfy. But since it's been raining and I've just spilled green tea all over myself, I'll just have to wait to try it out another day.

I did run 8.5km on Saturday, and it felt great! :) Took my time, walked when I wanted to, tried out combinations of run-walking for the 5 hours in two weeks. I'm still excited, and I'm already planning out snacks and drinks we could keep around for each loop :D

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  1. Congrats on finding a great running skirt at Value Village - SCORE!

    And kudos for driving for 20 minutes straight. Practice makes perfect! Keep it up when you can. I love driving (I have driven across the country to BC and back) and it's a great way to travel if interested in seeing Canada someday).

    And LOL! to the fact that you are spending almost as much time planning your snacks and treats as much as you are practicing for your marathon race. Sounds like me! Ha!