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Thursday, September 22, 2011


I wonder if entries really need titles? I remember seeing an entry in my blog list, where the title was just a dot and I had THE HARDEST time clicking on it, because it was just that dot that was linked. So perhaps that is why we have titles, and the longer ones are best.


This week has been pretty great!
I went to school all day on Monday 08:30-21:45. I promptly went home and went to bed, because on Tuesday I had work from 08:30-16:30. I went to work and did great (I'm an intern so learning is my main job :) ). But after work is the impressive part: I came home, skipped my nap and ran for TWO HOURS.

I ran 15kilometres. FIFTEEN! I mapped out my ridiculous route on google maps, and I kept squishing the thought that told me that I could always cut my run short if I wanted to. I took bus fare with me, to take the bus back if my legs hurt or if I got stranded 7.5km away from my house :)
But I didn't use it! I did use my bus fare to by Gatorade on the way back, and I ran with a bottle for 4 blocks. It was almost silly, because I dropped the half-ful bottle three times.
But I made it back, and it was GREAT!
And ... wait for it...



after my run, I took A SHOWER (rare happening) and then WENT TO THE LIBRARY TO READ!!!!
I was so impressed with myself, I came home and went to bed early (11pm).
Wednesday is my slack day, but I still woke up late (10am) and helped out at Club's Day. I then came home, did some homework, went to class and relaxed the rest of the day.
But I made sure to BIKE while watching my TV shows, so that I'm not really 'wasting time'. :)
I also got to chat with my little sis, and that's always great.

And since that was Wednesday, now we'll talk about Thursday: work, work, work. I did all my class reading AT work, so I had NOTHING to do when I got home. So I took a lovely, long, well-deserved nap.
And I had dreams of running another 15k this weekend, but will all the training and laser-tagging I'll be doing, I'm not sure when I can fit it in.
I really want to go for a swim soon!!

Here's hoping to next week being as, or MORE, productive than this one! Have a great Friday people! :D
(I have no class tomorrow :D )


  1. Your enthusiasm is infectious! It makes me remember how accomplished I feel when I force myself to do something that I am not super-excited to do, but will make me feel better and better prepared. Thanks for the post!

  2. Love love love this post. I have been using running to get myself back into exercise. I can feel what a huge difference it makes it my life when I get out there but I do have a lot of inner strife when it comes to the daily decision. Some days its easy as pie and I'm out and about early and feel fantastic. Other days it's like a bad chore... But you've reminded me that there is an amazing place you can get to with progress...

  3. Awesome post, Suza. I am even MORE impressed with your 15 km now that you have given it some context. You are off to a GREAT start with your school year (getting your reading done, balancing it with running and work). Keep it up!! :) I'll be cheering you on. :)