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Thursday, September 29, 2011

October 1st

This weekend is not looking good:

  • I have a cold. I had to call in sick to my field placement today because I felt terrible. Stuffy nose, cotton-wool headache, sore scratchy throat, etc.
  • It rained all day, and upon checking the weather online it looks as if there is a 40% chance of rain this Saturday! 
Sunday is looking to be warmed/drier than Saturday, so if all the room-mates agree we'll switch the days up to save ourselves a miserable time. I mean, it's going to be pretty miserable anyway, without being cold and wet.

I've been wasting time looking up racing events for the next two months. I've had to talk myself out of registering for a couple because I don't know how I'll feel after this weekend. If all goes well (my knees don't break and I still enjoy running) I may reconsider! Looking at races is exciting though....

However, I don't really need to RACE to have fun with long distances. I mean, running a distance alone is just as real as paying to run that distance... Oh well, I'll have to wait a few more days until I should register anyway, because Calvin would be my ride to all these races, and he should get a vote on how far we drive :)


  1. I have a problem with signing up for races without knowing how I'll feel.

    Waiting is good!

  2. I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this - sorry to read that you have caught a cold and feeling crappy. :( The great thing about your race is that you can POSTPONE it if necessary! I wish I could have done that with a few of mine. :) Sunday sounds better, especially if it gives you one more day to rest and recuperate. You will have to include throat lozenges and a box of facial tissue with your race treats and snacks! :) :)

    And it sounds like you have the racing bug! You made me think of a cute cartoon I found so I will post it tonight in my race prediction post for you. :) Have fun checking out all the races in your area and here's a warning - it can be addictive! Obsess carefully - LOL!