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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Up in Canada, this is our Thanksgiving weekend. It's all about kids screaming together, adults drinking and insulting each other, and eating too much desert.
I hope to go for a run on the trails tomorrow. I plan to get out there, get lost, and try run some hills. We'll see how it goes.

There was a trail half marathon I wanted to do next weekend. I'm glad I didn't sign up for it, though, because I got accepted for a volunteer position that requires 2 weekend's worth of training. I'm excited, but also sad that I missed out on a super-cheap, super-awesome looking race. :(

I am still thinking about a marathon in January. Don't worry - a race in Canada, in January, in Montreal won't be horrible if it's indoors!! Ha, of course it will be!!
But it's super unusual, as well as crazy, and I do love that combination. So I'm still thinking about it. I am worried about the cut-off time (6 hours), but I was also worried about that at my first HM, and nothing bad happened there...

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