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Sunday, October 9, 2011


When I was packing for my London (Ontario) weekend, I noticed that I had packed a LOT of cables.

  • My laptop charger.
  • My Garmin uploading cable.
  • My phone charger.
  • My earphones (when they get tangled up, I go ahead and call them cables.)
  • My E-reader charger cable.
While that may not be extreme for some people, I think it's a lot for 2 days away from my house. Just imagine all the cables I didn't take!
So I was thinking about electronics, and how they all used to be AA battery-operated when I was a kid. Which was a perfect situation, because whenever one set of batteries ran out, I could always steal another set from somewhere else. AAA were always trickier, and they remain unusual in my mind.
As an adult, I still have (too many?) lots of electronics. Even my leisure reading book is electronic! And I was thinking about this during my run. Since I was testing out my new Garmin's GPS abilities, I was thinking how far technology has come. I mean - I can mark down my friend's house, get dropped off 5 miles away and my WATCH  will tell me how to get back!!

While I would still trade TV for real-life action, I am glad I didn't get lost today. :)

The best thing about London is that it has hills! Here's one I ran earlier today, this was the first 5k of my run (/walk) today:

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  1. Did you have a Garmin before or is it new? Which one is it? You're right about the cables, they take a lot of space and weigh a ton!!! we had aprox 3kg of them when we came to Vancouver.