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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thirty Minute Thursday!

I'm back from the gym, where I just ran 3.1miles in THIRTY MINUTES AND THIRTY-TWO SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!

How crazy is that??!

Okay, let me tell you something. I can't really run fast. I have been struggling with speed forever. It poops me out, and I'm kinda lazy. I mean, why run fast, when I could do the same distance slower and not need to throw-up?

I've been stuck with the 5K distance:

Real race PR: 33 minutes

Virtual race PR: 32minutes

But my treadmill 5k PR is now 30:32 and I'm going to get it down to <30 by 2012.



Wish me luck!
What are your New Year's plans? Is it too early to think about 2012 yet? :P

1 comment:

  1. Every runner I know is talking about 2012 goals so it's not too early. :) CONGRATS on the speedy treadmill time. How cool is that? :) You will definitely cross into the sub 30 range in 2012. :) Personally, I am very laidback about running speed - I like seeing improvement in this area, and I have used a couple of training plans which have a certain speed goal to help me improve, but I just don't stress about it like others seem to ... or is that laziness? :) :)

    Keep up the great work on the treadmill this winter! :)